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  • Kubu Smart Lock

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    Kubu Smart Sensor

    Be sure your doors are locked

    Our range of Choices standard UPVC doors, Solidors, and Residors will now be Kubu Smart Sensor enabled with smart notification as standard, giving our 'Choices' customers the option to become smart enabled.

    How many times have you thought… Have I locked my door?

    Take the guess work out of if your door is locked or not, with real time door status updates provided by the Kubu smart sensor. Once your new door is fitted, you will simply need to follow the link on the faceplate to purchase your Kubu sensor and hub, directly from Kubu to complete your setup.

    What is Kubu?

    Kubu is a smart sensor system that can be easily installed on your door. Once installed and set-up the Kubu smart sensor allows you to monitor if your door is locked or not in real time using the dedicated Kubu app on a phone or tablet, giving you that extra peace of mind that your home is secure when you start second guessing.

    Hubu home kit box displaying the home hub, plug and modual
    Hubu mobile app displaying the state of their locked status

    How does Kubu work?

    Once the Kubu module is connected to the Kubu home hub on your wifi you are ready to start tracking your door’s status. A sensor inside the Kubu door module is activated every time the door is locked or unlocked and uploads real time updates on the status of all your Kubu enabled doors. These updates can then be viewed through the Kubu app on your mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world. If anyone attempts to force open the door, the homeowner will immediately be notified and be able to take the necessary action.

    Key Features


    If you leave your home and your phone disconnects from wifi, the Kubu app will notify you if the door has been left unlocked.


    Get real time access to your door's status at anytime through the Kubu app, from anywhere in the world.


    Be notified through the app every time your door status changes.


    The Kubu app allows you to check through your door's access logs throughout the month


    For added peace of mind you can share the status of your door with friends and family.


    Set reminders to check your door at specific dates and times.


    Q: Is my phone compatible?

    A: The Kubu home app is compatible with both Android and Apple smart devices.

    Q: Can I be "Out of range"?

    A: No, whenever you are connected to the internet, you have access to your Kubu home app.

    Q: Can I connect my Kubu app to Amazon Alexa?

    A: Yes, you can seamlessly pair your Kubu home app with Alexa for additional functionality.

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    Choices standard UPVC door, Solidor, and Scotdoor are now Kubu enabled with smart notification as standard.