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    Conservatory Frame Options from PVCU Services

    Bringing the outside indoors

    Imagine being able to have breakfast 'outside' all year round or enjoy natural light all day long, without constantly moving to follow the path of the sun. Conservatories from PVCU Services allow you to get closer to nature and experience the elements without actually being outside.

    Conservatories from PVCU Services are available in a range of frame styles, from full height glass with panels to the popular dwarf wall option constructed from bricks.

    Conservatory Frame Options

    Dwarf Wall Option

    choices dwarf wall conservatory

    Full Height Frames

    choices full height panels conservatory

    Full Height with Panels

    choices full height with panels conservatory

    Conservatory Shapes and Styles

    Edwardian, Victorian or P-Shaped?

    Unsure what Conservatory Shape or Style option you want? See the range ‘Choices’ has to offer.

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